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Leveraging our proprietary methodology, Infinite Conversions will lead a transformation in your site’s profitability. Here’s how we work.


How does our methodology work?

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Why you need conversion rate optimization?


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How improving your conversion rate provides a competitive advantage:

  • When your conversion rate increases, you can suddenly afford to advertise more aggressively and expand your media channels because cost-per-sale has gone down dramatically.
  • With additional funds, you can now invest in bigger marketing campaigns, obtain further reach, pay higher affiliates commissions, hire extra staff and undergo business development that increases your market share.

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We’re not satisfied with average conversion rates.
And here’s why…

  • Beat your competition and leverage the ‘Slight Edge’ phenomenon – where the winner takes all.
  • In horse racing, for example, the winner gets x10 more earnings than the runner up – despite the runner being only a fraction of a second slower
  • This is also true in the internet arena. Your conversion rate only has to be marginally better than your competition – and you’ll gain your customer’s trust, while your competitors lose out.

Just have a look at some of our results?

600percentage cro
Case Study
Increased conversion rate by 600%

The Home Depot is the number one retailer of home improvement construction products in the United States. The Home Depot wanted to increase their Conversion Rate and reduce their Cost Per Acquisition. They had significant problems with increasing user engagement. As a result of their low levels of user engagement, The Home Depot consulted us. The results were outstanding. We conducted tests on their site for a period of three months, and after implementation of the new site conversions increase by over 600%, while returning customers increased by 38%.

Read more about the Home Depot Case Study Home Depot Study
124Heating and Cooling Equipment Casestudy
Case Study
Increased ads revenue by 131%

The way people purchase heating and cooling equipment was radically changed. The company's innovative recipe proved so successful at attracting visitors that their site traffic doubled within a 12-month period, achieving around 40,000 views each month and rising. This led the management to search for new ways to capitalize on their growing traffic volumes. As part of this review they instructed us maximize their conversion rate. Through various test and techniques we were able to achieve an 286% improved conversion rate.

Read more about this Case Study hereHeating and Cooling Case Study  

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